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Take your farm performance to the next level

We know your herd is the lifeblood of your dairy farm and managing genetics, reproduction and health is of paramount importance. However, this is only part of the puzzle to unlocking superior farm performance and is why myHERDTM now integrates seamlessly with FarmIQ’s Enterprise Dairy.

The combined myHERDTM & Enterprise Dairy pack is the complete farm decision support tool. It caters to all your herd and farm management needs to take your dairy farm performance to the next level.


myHERDTM looks after your herd records, Enterprise Dairy brings everything else into one place


Maximise pasture quality and production

Record of pasture covers, create a feed wedge, plan grazing rotations, create spring rotation and annual feed plans.

Interactive digital farm map

Record and display paddock information including your crop, fertiliser and effluent applications, paddocks in grazing withhold and any key features like waterlines and valves, electric fence systems, planned planting, effluent runs.


Manage your farm tasks, assets and inventory

Create and assign jobs that staff can access on their mobile. Set up your R&M tasks and checklists for your farm assets and manage inventories of purchased & harvested feeds, chemicals, treatments, fertilisers.


Import dairy production data from processors

Import your milk production data directly from a group of milk processors* and then display in a farm performance dashboard.

*Miraka, Tatua, Westland, Open Country, Synlait , (Fonterra milk data can be uploaded manually).


Easily manage rules, regulations and processor assurance

Our health and safety system strikes the right balance between being simple to use and comprehensive enough to meet your obligations. It helps keep you, your staff, and any visitors to your farm safer. Plan rosters and have staff record their hours


Farm performance dashboard

Comparative reporting of major performance indicators on farm – production, milk quality pasture, stock numbers, supplementary feeding.


Plan rosters and timesheets

A clear plan for everyone on farm and staff can record their hours.

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Your subscription will include these additional services;

A dedicated account manager to help get you set up and look after you for the first 100 Days

Access to FarmIQ support for any help/questions

Free on-demand video training

Your monthly price will vary depending on herd size, don't worry the system will calculate this for you.

How do I upgrade?

Simply add FarmIQ’s Enterprise Dairy direct from your myHERD account. If you need more help to upgrade, watch the how to video below.

steps to upgrade