Each colour denotes the alignment of the feature within our main product areas.

People & planning

What we're working on

Stock list
Move and draft mobs on map
Create offline database

What's up next

Pasture covers
Re-synchronisation of offline data with main database

What's in the pipeline

Manage stock tallies from map and stock list
Animal health treatments
Record other animal events
Mob event history
View mob recent events
Calculate stock allocation to paddocks
Record land events
Paddock event history
Diary / calendar
Farm input inventory

What's been delivered

View mobs on map
View mob information summary
Farm paddock map
General features on map
Find my farm
Paddock select
H&S emergency features on map
Paddock names and areas
Sum paddock areas
View paddock withholding on map
H&S hazard features on map
View paddock information summary
Switch farms
Password reset
User location