New Mobile App Available Now


Clearer visibility, new and exciting features, and a user experience tailored to everyday farming 

Known simply as FarmIQ, the new app has been developed with the latest technology, enabling us to now deliver farmers more features more frequently.

To ensure you don’t miss out on existing functionality as we continue to develop features, we’ve created a seamless transition between FarmIQ and FarmIQ Classic.

There’s no data duplication required. Simply have both apps downloaded to access all mobile functionality of the system - it's that easy.


New Map

Gain a clearer picture of your farming business with our new map that features more regularly updated imagery, including road names and towns. We have included effective areas on the map and the ability to sum areas when selecting multiple paddocks. The map is a great tool to effectively communicate tasks to staff or contractors. 
New Map

Paddock Summary

Manage your paddock grazing and land applications more efficiently. The app will identify any paddocks currently in withholding and let you know when they are safe to graze, harvest, or plant. You can select paddocks to see the latest pasture cover data and planting and cropping information.

Paddock Summary

Mobs On Map

Planning paddock moves and communicating tasks on the go is easy with the ability to view your mobs on the map. And this is just the start, the ability to move and draft mobs straight from the map is just around the corner.

Mobs On Map

Feature / Hazard Layers

We have made sure that you can still identify any Hazards or Features on the go. Having the ability to label these layers helps create a safer workplace.

Feature Layers - mobile phone

New Mobile Roadmap

Our roadmap shows what mobile features we're working on, what’s up next and what’s in the pipeline over the next 12 months.

View Roadmap
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Using the app

1. Download

From the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. 

2. Sign In

Using your existing details. You can now reset your password from the sign in page. 

3. Explore

Check out the new features.

4. Transition

Make the jump between FarmIQ and FarmIQ Classic.

The original mobile app is now known as FarmIQ Classic. If you haven't already got it, download FarmIQ Classic from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.